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Wedding Makeup – Manchester – finally we return to work!

August 2020 – bridal makeup artist finally returning to work creating beautiful bridal makeup looks for my lovely brides and their bridal parties

I’m not going to sugar coat it … the last few months (is it almost 6?) have been hard. Being told you can’t do the job you love is hard, but it is even harder when it is twinned with the utter disappointment that my brides where feeling when they were having to postpone or cancel their much anticipated wedding days.

A pretty full calendar from March 2020 to the end of the year was very quickly decimated with brides, understandably, taking the devastating decision to move their wedding dates to later in the year, or, in most cases to 2021 or 2022.

Although those delayed dates will be as wonderful, if not more, than the original days that were planned, it is impossible to deny the sadness that was felt by brides, grooms, their families and all the wedding suppliers who work to help create unforgettable days.

After a false start (originally makeup artists were supposed to go back to work on 1 August and then this was pushed back to 15 August), we are now officially back in business – wohoo! Certainly the weddings that are happening now are, in most cases, different from what had initially been planned, but different doesn’t mean bad. In fact, the utter desire among couples to be married whatever the circumstances is utterly heart warming and reminds me of the words my father spoke at my sister’s wedding – “love conquers all”.

Whatever the world’s circumstances couples want to shout about their love for one another from the roof tops and that is a fact worth rejoicing in.

So to all my lovely brides who I get to work with in the very near future, or in the months and years to come … thank you. Thank you for your determination to declare your love to the world whatever the world might throw at you, because as long as we have love I think we can get through/conquer anything.