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Marking the date of postponed weddings – a reason for joy and celebration

April 2020 – Marking the date of postponed weddings – advice from me (makeup artist) and other wedding suppliers

Sadly at the moment I am having to speak with lots of upset couples who are having to postpone their weddings due to the measures that have been put in place due to the corona virus. Thankfully, with very few exceptions, I have been able to move all of my brides to new dates.

Like me, all the suppliers I know and work with closely are doing everything they can to accommodate couples to ensure that they have all their chosen suppliers with them on their new wedding date.

But even where new dates are booked in, there is still an element of sadness among couples that they won’t get to say ‘I do’ on the date they had originally intended. This is completely understandable, but it is now my and lots of others suppliers’ mission to ensure that rather than the date that should have been being a day for tears of sadness, it is a day of happiness and smiles with excitement for the day that is still to come.

On this point I have collaborated with some of my favourite suppliers and written an article for Matrimony Magazine about ways in which you can mark the day that should have been and have a truly wonderful day.

If you fancy having a read of the article click here.

Please also check out my instagram page for a number of lives this week and next with some amazing suppliers talking about their ideas for making your day that should have been a special one.

If you do choose to mark the day in some special way I would love to know what you did so please do drop me a line.

With love and best wishes at this crazy time xxx