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Makeup for Wella Trend Vision at the Hilton, Manchester

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Creating a makeup look for the Wella Trend Vision regional finals, The Hilton, Manchester – 14 May 2019

For those of you keeping score, you may remember that last year I worked with a phenomenol hairstylist to create her entry into 2018 Wella Trend Vision awards (photos of the entries are in my gallery). We had such a great time last year that she asked me to create a look for her 2019 entry, which got to this years final held at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester.

The look she created showed her brilliance with colour and cutting. The model had different shades of pink and purple throughout her hair and beautifully angular razor cuts on the side of her head (have a look at the pictures below which shows the style way better than I can describe it!)

To match the angular cuts I designed a look with a perfect feline flick from the model’s eye all the way to the cuts in her hair. And, as the models hair was beautifully purple, so too was her flick 🙂

The remaining look was a simple fresh face with a strong angular contour to continue the theme.

We had an hour to create both the makeup look and the hair … I think we did a great job if I do say so myself! Hopefully, Nicky Clarke, who was one of the Judges, like it.

Makeup, the Hilton, Manchester Makeup the Hilton Hotel, Manchester

Although this may be a bit too much for a wedding makeup (!), if you would like to chat about the makeup look that you are hoping for, for your wedding in Manchester please get in touch.

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