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For my friend – makeup at the Great John Street Hotel, Manchester

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Makeup the Great John Street Hotel, Manchester – February 2019

I’m not sure if I have ever said, but in addition to being a makeup artist I am also a mum of two. My oldest is six and a half and just before having him I met with some other mums to be, and thankfully we were all as equally clueless as each other (and possibly still are!)

One of those lovely mums remains a very close friend (as do a number of others) and so I was overjoyed to be asked to create her and her bridesmaids’ wedding look at the Great John Street Hotel back in February. (Oops, it really does take me a while to get down to writing my blogs!)

Claire (the bride) and I are very similar in our personalities and makeup style. Its natural all the way. So we created a beautiful natural look for her and her wonderful bridesmaid, with a healthy element of natural contour to bring out those cheek bones.

We had such a brilliant time on the wedding morning working in one of the beautiful dual level suites at the Great John Street Hotel. What a place to get married.

The wedding itself was also fab. Its not often that I get to see my makeup looks from creation on the wedding morning all the way through until the end of the night, so in addition to enjoying myself hugely, I also used the wedding as a great test for the longevity of my makeup.

Most brides comment on how well the look we created lasted throughout the day and evening, but it was lovely to witness that for myself at Claire’s wedding. Both bride and bridesmaid looked flawless until the last song of the night, which probably couldn’t be said for many of the people there … oh lord far too much prosecco!

Wishing my wonderful friend Claire a wonderful married life with Jez.

Makeup artist the Great John Street Hotel

For more photos from the wedding take a look at my gallery.

If you would like to have a chat about the makeup look you are hoping for, for your wedding in Manchester please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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