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Hair and makeup bridal trials – to have or not to have?

Hair and makeup bridal trials at my address in Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire – to have or not to have?

So although some makeup artists and hair stylists might say that a trial is a must, that isn’t the case in my opinion. If your budget is limited or geographically or time wise you can’t make a trial work, don’t stress – we can create a perfect hair and makeup look just by meeting on the wedding day – we might need a couple of messages before hand just so I know what you are hoping for though!

If you aren’t able to have a trial then it is a really good idea to get together some images (pinterest is always a good starting point) of makeup and hair looks that you like. Feel free to also have pictures of yourself where you have liked and maybe not liked your hair and makeup so that I have a good idea of what it is you are after.

Having said all that … if you do want a trial and most brides do, it is a great way to perfect your bridal look in advance of the wedding day. The same advice as above applies though – if you do have images of what you like and don’t like that is really helpful for the start of the trial. But, if you have absolutely no idea of what you want, that is fine to – I love to be creative!

The images attached to this post show my lovely client Sophie who wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her hair and makeup. At her trial we initially created a half up half down look and from there she realised that actually she wanted her hair a bit more formal and so fully up.

For her makeup we talked about what she wears day to day and used that as a foundation (pun intended!) for the look – I think this hair and makeup look is one of my favourites ever!


If you would like to arrange a trial for your bridal hair and makeup please get in touch.