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If Carlsberg made careers …

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I love my job. As a bridal makeup artist in the north west I am so lucky to be able to do something that I love every day and to meet people, often on or preparing for one of the most important and happiest days of their lives.

That being said, today has to be up there with one of the best days of my makeup career so far for two reasons.

First, I got to work with a client at the Cragwood Hotel in Cumbria. I spent my formative years (at least until the age of eight) living in Cumbria, Ambleside to be exact, where my parents owned and ran a hotel. I certainly didn’t appreciate the brilliance that is the South Lakes when I was living there, but I certainly do now. Lake Windermere is simply breathtaking, especially with the sun glinting off it, which, by chance (since we have been having constant rain for weeks) it was today. Any opportunity I have to visit the Lakes is wonderful and so to be able to work at a hotel like Cragwood, which looks over the Lake, is just perfection.

Second, although all my clients are wonderful, Rachel, the gorgeous bride who I worked with today was just fabulous. Rachel didn’t want a trial so instead we had a couple of lovely chats about what look she was hoping for and how we might achieve this without using a lot of makeup. Having spoken a number of times it was great to finally meet her this morning as her smiling face appeared at her bedroom door.

Her hair already beautifully styled we set about creating her perfect look whilst also having a good chat about her day ahead. I was particularly jealous that after the ceremony she and her husband and just four guests (how magical to have such an intimate wedding reception) would be having afternoon tea and a dinner in the evening.

Rachel has pretty perfect skin to start with but by discussing what colours she wanted on her eyes, cheeks and lips and with the application of Arbonne CC cream, foundation and concealer I believe we created a perfect, flawless and natural look.

A perfect look for a stunning and simply lovely bride. If only all days could be like this … that being said I returned to normality with a bump this afternoon when I collected my son from his first full day at school and his hair was full of bright red playdoh that the teacher had been unable to remove!

Wishing Rachel and her husband a wonderful and happy life together and here’s hoping for many more trips to the Lakes soon.

bridal makeup artist north west

bridal makeup artist north west

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