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When Vogue calls …

I probably say this too much but … I love my job as a bridal and event makeup artist.

Every day I get to be creative, meet new people and design new looks. I also often spend my days working with people on one of, if not the most important day of their life, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

All that being said, I think I have just had my best working day ever.

I was quietly working at my desk when my phone rang. On answering I was told it was Vogue. After we had established that they hadn’t got the wrong number, I attempted to remain calm whilst the lady on the other end of the call told me that they loved the looks that I was creating and would I be interested in being involved in something they are hoping to publish in 2018.

Obviously my answer was YES, so watch this space …

bridal and event makeup artist

Getting my brushes and kit ready in anticipation!

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